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Pleter Chapter Croatia Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club

From: Tom McClean Positive Belfast

"We were heading down from Belfast to the fabulous Glenview Hotel Co Wicklow and had stopped off for a cuppa at an Applegreen service station just above Dublin. Inside we noticed a number of mature male and female bikers in full Harley Davidson leathers bearing a curious back patch. I immediately knew that these weren't locals. They exuded motorbike class.  Unfortuantely the group roared off before I could get to the car for my video camera. I did manage to get a quick word with one of them though. They were bikers from Croatia and were members of the Pleter Chapter Croatia Harley Davidson motorcycle club. I was well pleased when we overtook them further down the road where they were having a smoke stop. I knew that the bikes would soon catch us so I told Tanya to be ready with the camera. This is the best we could get of them. Sorry about the shakes. The Pleter Chapter had biked across Europe, then into UK and then into and around Ireland taking in Belfast. It seemed they were now heading into dublin for the ferry for they peeled off soon after Tanya filmed them. Ride safe guys!"